Posting property photos into the RMLS and WVMLS comes with requirements and limitations. I am supplying this information so whether you are taking your own digital pictures or hiring a professional you will not wast your time or money, because when posting your property pictures, I must follow the rules. Note; RMLS allows 32 pictures/WVMLS allows 42 pictures. While other Flat Fee Brokerages post a limited amount of pictures and charge for additional pictures to be posted I post the maximum allowed.

3.8 Photographs. Listing Brokers may submit photographs for all listings to be Published in the RMLS
System. The photographs are to be submitted without any added text or graphics or any alterations that
misrepresent the property. Photographs shall not include people, copyrighted material, identifying or
promotional information (THIS INCLUDES FOR SALE SIGNS), names or locations of private entities
and/or businesses, Fair Housing violations or alterations that misrepresent the property. Alterations to
photographs to reflect lot lines, road names, arrows identifying the property and the names of public
amenities shall be allowed so long as they are not misleading or otherwise in violation of this Rule. RMLS
expressly reserves the right to deny usage of photographs that do not conform to RMLS Rules and
Regulations. If there is virtual staging in any of the photographs it must be disclosed on the photograph
with the “Virtually Staged” watermark. If Residential new construction has a photograph of a similar
home it must be disclosed on the photograph with the “Sample Image” watermark. The first photograph
of a listing in Coming Soon-No Showing status will be watermarked as “Coming Soon-No Showings”.
At the time of publication, listings submitted to RMLS are required to have one (1) photograph of the
exterior building view, except for bare land, which must have a photograph of the land.

If the seller does
not wish to have a photograph published, a Photograph Omission Form or equivalent document signed
by the seller is required and must be submitted to RMLS within 24 hours of listing publication.